Who We Are

 THYRSOS was officially formed in Spring "2010" after contacts and processes that took place among people who have been active in the Hellenic - centered field.

Thyrsos was formed under a common vision with the goal to research, study, promote, elevate and defend the Ancient Greek civilization in its every aspect, like Philosophy, Science, Worship, History, and spreading of the Greek Literature and Ideas.

We profess that we are Hellenes Gentiles. We follow our ancestors' Hellenic Religion and we fight for its Restoration with all and every legal ways. We defend our Tradition, the original pre-Christian tradition, which is still being ignored by the vast majority of our fellow citizens. We are here in order to contribute to the spread of the Hellenic Civilization in and out of the borders.

With actions that will cover a wide spectrum of events in the future, our goal is to contribute to the restoration and emergence of forgotten Greek Sacred places and Temples that are currently under a state of complete indifference, as far as the local authorities are concerned, or are either under deliberate dereliction, which is usually the rule in such circumstances. We are also dedicated to spread the Hellenic history, and also the history of the whole Ancient world that carries with it
a vivid heritage to our days, since we believe that our modern society has a lot to learn and be admonished by it. In order to achieve this goal we unite our voice with the voices of other such moves from abroad that fight for the same cause; the restoration of their traditional Heritage.

Furthermore, the protection of Nature which for us is not just a fancy concept, but the cornerstone of the Hellenic View of the World, is within our goals and aims. Our cooperation with each and every Environmental entity within the Hellenic borders goes without saying.

Lastly, we invite contacts and associations with persons or entities that have common ideas and goals with us.