In the line of its capabilities, organization Thyrsos tears drapes to volunteering and active action of citizens.

Quite difficult can be a movement be brought into effect, be effectuated and produce significant harvest without the individual’s active participation on working together in alacrity for a common goal.

Our organization is programming series of actions like:
Members counterparts visits to other organizations to provincial regions, in order to come in contact with the residents Gentiles as well as for the Movements, wherever it is possible for them to be found, so as the defection and record of forlorn Sacred Places and Monuments, whenever it is possible for them to be found, so as the appropriate conditions for the emergence and to be created protection which benefits to them. As Sacred Places are specified the locations where confirmed activity existence of our Ancestors can be tangible and that they conclude remnants of Temples, Altars, Hamlets, Springs, citadels Sacred Boscages, Burial Grounds of Anciently, geological points of Historical Battles or other significant points, s well as Caves dedicated as Devotional places too. The update of the local community for the humdingers to their region and their Value is an important step further considering their utilization not only as tourism signs but also as substantial mentioning point of History with multiple benefits i.e. the enrichment of the teachable matter considering kid’s schooling, to the civilization enhancement etc.

To the points and actions of Thyrsos organization, is intergraded the organizing of region observance in annual turnover in honor of Gods and Heroes according to the devotional folkways of our Ancestors. The Hellenic religion is an inextricable part of our National Tradition, without which the remaining edifice is not capable to be comprehended to the maximum.

The deepest meanings that govern the Hellenic divinity are on their own a start point of Cosmos realizing. Our aim is not only the struggle for the restoration on a political level of the Hellenic Religion but also the investigation and penetration to it.
Yet, to the sphere of our action, is an e-magazine offered absolutely free from our site, trying this way to contribute to the spread of ideas and the briefing for matters related with Polytheism in Hellas and to the rest of the World. It will also conclude subjects on History, of scientific content ecology etc.

The contact and communication with well minded people or individual social teams and Civil Vehicles that realize the significance authentic Hellenic civilization, and target to the same direction with us, meaning the further spread of it into all levels.

We also target to a co-operation with Polytheistic Organizations abroad which defend their National Tradition, standing joint to each other in any case, since we believe it is an absolute necessity and the substantial part of solution of problems of Western world, the return to the Ancestors Values that never ceased to stand as a light house of reminding each time needed to peoples on fundamental moments of history. The defending of those Values is also “imposed” for their protection from totalitarian movements which willing distorted their meaning to the past, for their servicing of their own bad interests damaging this way the image of the Ancient world to the eyes of the middle civil. It is a practice followed nowadays, as well as we often meet besides causes of appropriation attempts of the National* thought from political spaces which have completely lost their historical role at all.

Regarding out actions we are also mentioned; when possible, we do environmental activities which do not take part under occasional interests regime established order but into an absolute consciousness concerning Nature’s sanctity and its functions.

It is not the Nature that incorporates with man’s environment, as the modern society is used to believe, but the opposite. Besides, a passage of Orpheus Hymn to Nature reminds us; “Allmighty, youngster, ingenious, the opposites you join, wise you are endowing life, all the world you feed, you are the goods satiety, the justice and the Charites “ we are those who owe her to offer and treat as grateful for her gifts,. It was always like that…
The case of defending the Traditional Values is a river ending into the sea of civilization and humanitarian ideas. Our inner developments Civil’s and humans depend on the attitude we have to these Values relatively.
We target and hope for your active entry.

*National = the nations collectively ideas, ethos. Not to be mentioned as similar with political ideology such as nationalism. Political movements of the modern world of the last two centuries does not express Thyrsos organization and our opinion is that they have made their circle and proved that they couldn’t offer solutions to the problems of the Nations.